O'Farrell near Stockton circa 1915

View east on O'Farrell between Powell and Stockton. Tait-Zinkand Cafe (168-178 O'Farrell, Opened August 1909, left) and Orpheum Theatre (Opened April 1909, later the Columbia, demolished 1938) (right). Call and Phelan Buildings in distance. [Moments in History - If you asked a San Franciscan in 1915 to name two famous landmarks on O'Farrell street his answer would have been "Tait's and the Orpheum". Here they are as the camera looked down O'Farrell to Stockton. The Orpheum Theatre, famous for two-a-day vaudeville on the right and the Tait-Zinkand Cabaret on the left. The beautiful street lamps and soy tub planters on the sidewalk would be in style today.] (reprint from 1971)[1971-8]
Photographer Unknown / Public Service Department, Office of the Mayor (Greg Gaar Postcard Collection / Courtesy of Greg Gaar)

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